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BEABA The Essentials Silicone Meal Set - Grey/Sage

Brand: BEABA
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Product Description
    Beaba Four Piece Essentials Meal Set-Home.

  • All the essentials for baby's first meals! Silicone tableware set includes a silicone learning cup, a divided plate, a bib, and a toddler's self-feeding spoon. All made in ergonomic shapes to accompany baby in their learning and flexible and soft silicone material gentle on baby's hands & gums.
  • Silicone Divided Plate: Great as a baby plate or toddler plate the plate adheres to the table and avoid incidents. The divided baby suction plate is perfect for picky eaters who don't like their food to touch. Vertical sides allow for easier scooping, helping any little one get food on their spoon!
  • Silicone Training Cup: Has removable and airtight lid with spout: once removed, the baby can learn to drink from a cup by using the handles or use as a snack cup
  • Silicone Spoon: Second stage spoons for baby and toddler learning to self feed. Ingeniously shaped baby spoons handle prevents contact between the table and food when cutlery is placed on the table.
  • Silicone Bib: Contains wide food catching pocket catch to prevent baby food from hitting the floor.
UPC: 812995016863
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