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FREE standard shipping every day on purchases over $49
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Haakaa 2 Pack Inverted Nipple Correctors

Brand: Haakaa
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Product Description

The Haakaa Inverted Nipple Correctors are purposely designed for babies that are having a difficult breast feeding journey. Compact, simple solution gently draws your nipple out using suction to make latching easy for your baby.

  • Pack of 2 nipple connectors
  • Compact, simple solution to troublesome breast feeding experiences
  • Although many woman with flat or inverted nipples will have no problems in their breast feeding journey as babies are still able to feed from not just the nipple but the surrounding breast tissue
  • Simply place over your nipple before breast feeding, and push the top of the cup down creating suction
  • Cup will gently draw your nipple out using suction making latching a breeze
  • Results are not permanent and need to be repeated before each feed
  • Cups to be removed from the nipple before feeding
  • 100% hypoallergenic silicone
  • Imported
UPC: 9421904690042
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