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FREE standard shipping every day on purchases over $49
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Elvie Single Electric Breast Pump

Brand: Elvie
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Product Description

Elvie Pump (Single) is a smart, slimline wearable electric breast pump with 5 oz / 150 ml capacity. Tucking discreetly in-bra, Elvie Pump can be controlled from the Pump with Elvie app for a seamless hands-free experience—leaving you free to roam where other pumpers dare not go.

Elvie Pump is the only Piezo-Powered™ wearable breast pump. Our miniature, coin-sized Piezo pumps make Elvie Pump the smallest, quietest, and smartest electric breast pump. That way, you can pump smarter, not harder.


Why You'll Love it: 

  • Slimmest, most discreet design: Elvie Pump is the smallest1 all-in-bra breast pump for ultimate discretion while pumping hands-free. Feel confident pumping anywhere —with your feet up or at a football game.
  • Quietest pumping tech: Only Elvie Pump uses powerful, miniature Piezo pumps that create suction using tiny discs moving at 21,000 oscillations per second— that’s beyond human hearing! And no one can compete with that.
  • State-of-the-art smart: Control Elvie Pump from your phone, monitor milk volumes in real-time and track your pumping history— all without reaching into your bra. Getting started is easy with in-app guidance. Plus, save your preferred settings for a quick start every time.
  • Save precious time: No complicated maneuvers to master— change bottles mid-session with just one hand. Easy to assemble, and free from tubes, hard-to-clean containers, or single-use bags.
  • Gentle, yet powerful: Designed to feel like your baby nursing, we’ve combined ultra-smooth Piezo suction with a unique pumping pattern for gentle suction that doesn’t compromise efficiency. Includes 2 modes and 7 intensity settings per mode.
  • Does the thinking for you: Sensors measure the amount of breast milk in the bottle, automatically switching from Stimulation to Expression mode when they detect letdown and pausing when your bottle is full.


  • All-in-one, hands-free design with no external cords or tubes.
  • Choose from 2 modes with 7 intensity settings per mode and save your preferred pumping settings.
  • Control the lights on your pump (brighten for nighttime or dim for discretion)
  • Each reusable bottle holds 5 oz/150 ml of milk, and is fridge/freezer safe.
  • Pump on either breast using the Side Selector to accurately track in-app.
  • Can be combined with another single Elvie Pump to use as a double pump.
  • Learn more about your pumping behavior with the app’s Insights feature.
  • Includes Breast Shields in two sizes in the box for the best fit. A third size can be purchased separately.
  • Only 5 parts to clean, by hand or in the dishwasher.
  • Includes spare bottles so that you’re never caught empty-handed.
  • Closed system protects you and baby. BPA free and food safe.
  • Charges in two hours via micro-USB, which will last for 2.5 hours or 5-6 pumping sessions (depending on your settings).


  • 1 Hub
  • 2 Bottles (5 oz/150 ml)
  • 1 Breast Shield (24 mm)
  • 1 Breast Shield (28 mm)
  • 2 Valves
  • 2 Spouts
  • 2 Seals
  • 2 Storage Lids
  • 2 Bra Adjusters
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 1 Carry Bag
  • Instructions for Use

Customer Care

We know our breast pumps are different. After all, they’re designed to be. If you need any help figuring them out or are experiencing anything unexpected, we have an excellent Customer Care team of product experts ready to help you. To find out how to contact the Customer Care Team, please visit the Elvie website,

Manufacturers' Warranty

2-year warranty on the Hub and 90-day warranty on all other components.


Elvie Pump is compatible with most recent smartphones that support Bluetooth Low Energy. If you have an iPhone, it must be an iPhone 5S or later. You’ll also need to have iOS11 or later. If you have an Android phone, you’ll need version 8 or later. For the most up-to-date compatibility information, please check If your phone is not compatible, it’s not a problem. You can still use your pump by using the controls on the Hub.

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