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oogiebear the Bear Pair 2-in-1 Bulb Aspirator and Booger Picker Combo - Blue - 2pc

Brand: oogiebear
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in stock
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Color: Blue
Product Description

The oogiebear Baby Nose and Earwax Remover – the ultimate solution for keeping your baby's nasal and ear passages clean, comfortable, and safe. This versatile tool is designed with both babies and parents in mind, ensuring a hassle-free and gentle cleaning experience.


The oogiebear features an innovative dual-ended design that addresses various cleaning needs. The loop-end is expertly crafted to handle sticky boogers, providing a gentle and efficient way to clear nasal passages. Meanwhile, the scoop end is designed to safely remove dried boogers, ensuring your baby's comfort.


Crafted with the utmost consideration for comfort and safety, the oogiebear boasts a construction that is both parent-friendly and gentle for babies. The tool features soft rubber and firm plastic tips, ensuring a secure and comfortable grip for parents while maintaining gentleness on a baby's delicate skin.


Using the nose sucker for baby is a simple and effective process to remove snot and mucus from your baby’s nose. To use it, squeeze the bulb to remove air, then place the tip against the baby’s nostril to form a seal, and finally, release the suction to remove the mucus. This easy-to-follow process ensures a quick and efficient cleaning experience, helping your baby breathe easier and promoting better sleep.

  • GENTLE AND EFFECTIVE CLEANING: oogiebear's baby nose and ear cleaning tools offer a gentle and effective way to remove mucus, boogers, and earwax from sensitive little noses and ears, ensuring a comfortable experience for both the baby and caregiver.
  • SAFETY AND HYGIENE ASSURANCE: Made from safe and non-toxic materials, including BPA-free and latex-free components, these tools prioritize the safety of infants and toddlers. They are also designed to be hygienic, with easy-to-clean, mold-resistant features, providing peace of mind to parents.
  • VERSATILE AND LONG-LASTING: Suitable for newborns and toddlers, oogiebear's products offer versatility, ensuring that parents can use them over an extended period. This versatility provides a valuable solution for maintaining clear nasal passages in babies.
  • DUAL-ENDED FUNCTIONALITY: The oogiebear Baby Nose Ear Wax Removal Cleaner features a dual-ended design, with a scoop end for dried nose boogers and earwax and a loop end for lassoing sticky snot. This 2-in-1 functionality makes it a versatile addition to a baby's care routine.
  • DOCTOR-DESIGNED AND MOM-TESTED: Developed by a registered pharmacist and mother, oogiebear's tools are designed to help babies breathe easier, sleep better, and maintain better health. They strike a balance between precision and care, offering efficiency and safety to parents and caregivers worldwide.
UPC: 860006735906
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