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FREE standard shipping on orders $49+! (Orders under $49 ship for $7.99.)
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oogiebear Bulb Aspirator Handheld Baby Nose Cleaner

Brand: oogiebear
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in stock
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Product Description

The oogiebear infant nasal aspirator- a safe and effective tool is BPA and latex-free, ensuring your baby's safety. Its soft and flexible tip ensures a smooth experience. Ideal for newborns and toddlers. Compact dimensions 4.8 x 7.56 x 2 inches feather-light weight 3.21 ounces. Grab the Bulb Aspirator model and keep your baby breathing comfortably!

Easy and Effective Mucus Removal
Using the nose sucker for baby is a simple and effective process to remove snot and mucus from your baby's nose. To use it, squeeze the bulb to remove air, then place the tip against the baby's nostril to form a seal, and finally, release the suction to remove the mucus. This easy-to-follow process ensures a quick and efficient cleaning experience, helping your baby breathe easier and promoting better sleep.

Gentle and Effective Nasal Suction for Baby Comfort
The snot sucker for baby provides a gentle and effective solution for removing boogers and mucus from a baby's nose. Designed with a soft bulb and flexible tip, this nasal aspirator ensures a comfortable experience for the baby. Its gentle suction method is vital for maintaining a positive experience for both the baby and the caregiver. Say goodbye to the discomfort caused by stuffy noses and help your little one breathes easier and sleep better.

Safety and Peace of Mind for Parents
The newborn nose sucker prioritizes safety with its BPA-free and latex-free materials, making it suitable and worry-free for babies. Parents can rest assured that the product meets safety standards, providing peace of mind during use. The non-toxic materials ensure a safe and reliable nasal suction tool for infants and toddlers alike. With this aspirator, you can confidently keep your baby's nasal passages clear and maintain their health.

  • GENTLE & EFFECTIVE SUCTION: The nasal aspirator for baby is designed to gently and effectively remove boogers and mucus from a baby's nose. The soft bulb and flexible tip ensure a comfortable experience for the baby. It is also essential for a positive experience for both the baby and the caregiver.
  • SAFETY ASSURANCE: The oogie bear baby nose cleaner is made from safe materials its BPA-free and latex-free materials not only make it suitable for babies but also assure parents of the product's safety standards. This makes it safe to use for infants and toddlers.
  • VERSATILITY: The baby nasal sucker is suitable for use with both newborn infants and toddlers. This versatility ensures that parents can use the product for an extended period, making it a valuable investment for baby care. It offers a versatile solution for keeping the baby's nasal passages clear.
  • HYGIENIC: The aspirator is reusable, allowing parents to clean it after each use and use it multiple times. Baby nose bulb aspirator showcasing its mold-resistant features. Highlight how it easily comes apart for cleaning with soap and water, ensuring a clean and hygienic experience.
  • DOCTOR-DESIGNED & MOM-TESTED: The nasal suction for babies is the solution to help your precious infant breathe easier and sleep better. The ultimate doctor-designed, mom-tested solution that guarantees easier breathing for your baby, leading to better health and countless joyful moments for both babies and delighted parents.
UPC: 860006735913
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