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a baby registry guide for eco-minded parents

a baby registry guide for eco-minded parents

Sustainable products that are good for your baby, good for the planet.
We know, you don't need one more thing to worry about. But with more eco-friendly options than ever, going green is easier than you think. Find a few simple swaps that fit your lifestyle, and you can make a big impact, one baby step at a time.

green up your go-time

Your stroller or car seat is an item that you’ll use often so swap it for something sustainable. Look for eco-friendly or recycled fabrics; some are made from recycled bottles, which means less plastic headed for the landfill.
Baby carriers made from natural fibers like organic cotton are easier on the Earth. Organic cotton is also easier on your baby’s skin since it’s free of chemicals that might cause irritation.
A diaper bag in an eco-friendly fabric is a simple swap and a great way to improve your eco-footprint. There are plenty of affordable and fashionable options to choose from.

change up your diaper & bath routine

Cloth diapering is one of the best ways to save pounds of garbage (aka your baby’s diapers) from piling up in the landfill. It takes a minute to learn the process, but once you see the impact it can make on the planet (and your wallet!), you’ll be sold.
If you’re going the disposable route, look for diapers and wipes made with plant-based materials that are biodegradable or compostable and therefore, easier on the earth.
Clean up your bathtime routine with baby skincare products that are made with plant-based ingredients or nontoxic synthetic sources. Need a sustainable skincare primer? The Environmental Working Group is a helpful resource.

Disposable liners make cloth diapering easier, especially for slightly squeamish parents. For this “hybrid” version of cloth diapering, all you have to do is lift up the liner and flush. No scrubbing necessary.

a more natural nursery

Opt for nursery furniture that’s GreenGuard certified, which means that each item is screened for over 10,000 air-polluting chemicals and VOCs. Lower chemical emissions mean better indoor air quality for baby and you.
Organic cotton swaddles and sheets use less resources, like water, to produce, and are softer for sensitive baby skin. Plant-based dyes (or none at all) also reduce environmental impact.
Think about your surroundings, literally. Most paints are made with harsh chemicals, but there are some that are ideal for an eco-friendly nursery. Look for non-toxic, zero-VOC, water-based paint made using sustainable ingredients.

go green at mealtime

Start with a high chair you can feel good about, like one made from solid wood, from a company that supports sustainable forestry.
There are so many ways to bring sustainability into your baby’s mealtime. Look for bowls, utensils, and even placements made from bamboo, silicone, and stainless steel. Glass bottles are another green option since they’re longer lasting than plastic and can be easily recycled.
For a bigger positive environmental impact, make your own baby food! A baby food maker that blends and steams ingredients can help save time, money, and the planet.

If you want to keep those dye-free white bibs fresh and clean looking, sun bleach them! Hang them outside while wet and let the sun work its magic.

clean up those toys

Opt for organic, natural materials—like wood or cotton—for those first few months of play, since your little one will be putting everything in their mouth anyway!
Clean up your bath toy game. Look for eco-friendly, bio-based resin toys that can drain completely free of water. (We prefer our mold out there in nature, rather than stuck inside bath toys.)
Encourage an appreciation for our beautiful earth by bringing baby for a play session outdoors or sharing books that talk about nature.

Fewer toys means less landfill. Multi-use items that encourage open-ended, imaginative play are the best way to reduce and reuse.


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