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design a nursery that works for every routine

design a nursery that works for every routine

Top your nursery wish list with registry-worthy picks.

One of the most exciting parts of having a baby is designing the nursery (enter: Pinterest boards). You want it to look stylish, but your nursery needs to be functional, too. You’re going to spend a lot of time there—it’s basically the new family room—so making it comfy, cozy, and ready for all the day-to-night routines is key.

set the scene for sleep

The crib is the centerpiece of your nursery. From modern to traditional, classic to colorful, there’s a match for every style. Convertible cribs are a versatile option that takes you from baby to big kid. 

Sand Castle Oak

Evolur Loft Antilia Mid-Century 4-in-1 Crib

Short on space? A mini crib has a tiny footprint but may only last a year or so.


Dream On Me Ava 4-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib

Don’t forget to install a baby monitor with a good view of the entire crib.

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Floor Stand (V2)

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Floor Stand (V2)

You're going to get to know your glider really well, so choose something that’s comfortable enough for everything from bedtime books to late-night feedings. Level up with a rocker and bassinet combo or look for a nursery chair with a built-in charging port to stay connected (and awake). A recliner or ottoman lets you stretch your legs.

Misty Grey

Evolur Raleigh Upholstered Plush Seating Glider Swivel

Don’t let lighting be an afterthought. A statement lamp or chandelier can change the look of the space. Install a dimmer switch or look for a lamp with multiple settings to ensure low light for the bedtime routine and evening feedings.

Disney Baby Starlight Pooh Lamp with Shade & Bulb - Blue

Disney Baby Starlight Pooh Lamp with Shade & Bulb 

Your nursery should flow with the rest of your house. If some of the colors, finishes and textures vibe with your overall design style it’ll feel like home for baby and you.

don’t forget the floor

For playtime, tummy time, crawling, and more, the floor will get a lot of action in the nursery. A rug is your opportunity to express your personality with pattern or color. Just remember that material really matters here. Look for a low pile nursery rug. Shaggy rugs are soft and comfy, but they’re also the perfect place for crumbs and dirt to hide right before going in your baby’s mouth.

Crane Baby Willow Rug

Crane Baby Willow Rug

Foam tiles are another way to warm up your baby’s room, and since they’re built tile by tile, you can personalize the size and shape for your space.

Verdes 12" Alphabet Foam Play Mat

Verdes 12" Alphabet Foam Play Mat

If you’re not feeling the ABCs, you can opt for a more sophisticated pattern.

Toddleroo Foldable Mosaic Padded Play Mat 71" x 71"

Toddleroo Foldable Mosaic Padded Play Mat 71" x 71"

A portable activity center that can move from room to room will help you make the most of playtime in the nursery. A fold-flat version can be tucked under your crib when it’s not in use.

Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Play & Fold Jumper Baby Learning Toy

Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Play & Fold Jumper 

Add a small air purifier to remove airborne allergens and keep those little lungs clean.

use that vertical space

Displaying favorite books is a great way to make your décor functional and teaches a love of reading from an early age. Look for a face-out bookshelf that allows your baby to see the bright and beautiful covers.

Peel and stick wallpaper is an easy way to show off your style. Register for the pattern you love and ask for installation as part of the gift.

Lambs & Ivy Baby Noah Ark/Boat with Pairs of Animals Wall Decals/Stickers

Lambs & Ivy Baby Noah Ark Animals Wall Decals

Think about what your baby sees. Sit on the ground in your nursery and look around: adding little touches to the bottom few feet of your walls (mirrors, wall decals, shelves) will help your baby engage with and enjoy their space just as much as you do.

Room darkening curtains will help kickstart your baby’s circadian rhythm, which according to the Mayo Clinic, is important for helping your baby sleep through the night.

make stylish (diaper) changes

Kids go through a ton of diapers, so make sure you set up a station that makes it less of a chore—and looks cute. If you’re in a small space, register for a changing table topper that sits on your baby’s dresser instead of a stand-alone changing station.


Evolur Antilia Double Dresser and Evolur Antilia Changing Tray

It not only saves space and money, but it also reduces the amount of furniture you need to pass on or discard when your baby grows. A changing pad cover is a great way to weave in more color or pattern.


Mushie Changing Pad Cover

In lieu of that stand-alone station, meet the diaper caddy—your new best friend. It holds all the essentials and it’s mobile. Keep it well stocked (diapers, wipes, medicines, pacifiers) and bring it with you from room to room throughout the day.

Trend Lab Diaper Storage Caddy in Dove Chevoron

Trend Lab Diaper Storage Caddy

Diaper pails are essential players in keeping your house smelling fresh—especially if you live in an apartment. Look for one with a carbon filter that neutralizes the smells.

Light Grey

Ubbi Diaper Pail

Transfer diapers into a cute basket or bin as soon as they arrive and recycle that cardboard diaper box.

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