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FREE standard shipping every day on purchases over $49
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account security

At Buy Buy Baby, we are focused on protecting our customers’ account information. Here are some new features we’ve introduced, and best practices you can follow, to maximize the security of your account.

New: Multi-Factor Authentication

We’ve added an additional layer of security to online accounts. When you sign in with a new device or a device we don’t recognize, we’ll ask you to enter a six-digit PIN that is automatically sent to your email address. Verification may also be required when you create an account with an email address that we’ve seen before (for example, to sign up for offers or place a guest order). Once you’ve entered the PIN, you’re all set.

General Security Tips

In addition to the above, you can help secure your computer and the information you send online by following these everyday guidelines:

  • Routinely review security settings on your computer
  • Periodically review online accounts and remove outdated information (for example, unused payment methods or old address)
  • Be skeptical of requests for personal information
  • Install anti-virus software, and keep it current
  • Always sign out after accessing accounts on public computers, and don’t save your credentials on devices that aren’t yours
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