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Josmo Squishmallows Plush Slippers Cream/Black, Size 11-12

Brand: Josmo
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Product Description

Step into a world of cuddly enchantment with Squishmallow Cozy Slippers – the ultimate treat for your tiny toes! These slippers are like fluffy clouds for your feet, designed to make every wiggle and hop a pure delight.

Wrapped in the softest, squishiest material known to kid-kind, these slippers are your ticket to a realm of cozy adventures. The moment your feet snuggle into them, it's like receiving a warm hug from your favorite stuffed animal. It's like magic for your feet!

But that's not all – these slippers are super smart too! With their special non-slip magic, you can dance, twirl, and slide across any surface without a worry. Whether you're exploring the house or chasing after your furry friend, these slippers have got your back... err, feet!

And oh my gosh, guess what? These slippers are like a fashion party for your feet! They come dressed in the most adorable characters, just like the ones in your favorite stories. Whether you're into cuddly critters or mythical creatures, there's a Squishmallow Slipper that's practically begging to be your new BFF (Best Foot Friend).

Every day is a special occasion with Squishmallow Slippers! Imagine waking up in your pajamas, sliding your feet into these slippers, and instantly feeling like you're floating on a marshmallow cloud. Breakfast time, playtime, movie time – they're perfect for all your favorite times!

So, let's make your feet the happiest feet in the world. Say goodbye to boring slippers and say hello to Squishmallow Cozy Slippers – the snuggliest, bounciest, most delightful slippers you'll ever meet. Don't wait, slip into the magic today and let your feet party in style!

  • Shoe Material : Synthetic
  • Shoe Closure Type : Slip-on
  • Country of Origin : Imported
UPC: 194603712856
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