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TinkyPoo Bubbles & Halos Diapers

Brand: TinkyPoo
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Color: Blue
Size: 2
Product Description

The sweet nature of your baby is reflected in these aqua-colored diapers.  Images of cute babies, white bubbles, turquoise colored halo designs and the words: “Our Little TinkyPoo,” illuminate these plant-based, super absorbent unisex diapers.

size 1 (34 diapers)  size 2 (32 diapers)  size 3 (30 diapers)  size 4 (28 diapers)

About this item

  • Natural & Organic – your baby’s made up of natural stuff and so are we.  Our diapers are produced from plant-based materials and sustainably harvested wood pulp, and have an organic cotton inner-lining.

  • Leak & Blowout Proof – super absorbent—facts! The double leakage barrier provides up to 12 hours of protection and the side wings and elastic waistband also protect against baby blow outs.

  • No Harmful Chemicals – saying no feels so good . . . our diapers have no fragrances, latex, elemental chlorine, or parabens.

  • Happiness Factor – you’ll rejoice knowing that our diapers have a wetness indicator, a breathable backsheet that happens to be water repellent, an antibacterial layer, and only eco-friendly dyes are used that won’t harm the Earth or your little tinkypoo.

  • Sizes - we grow with your tinkypoo.  Our sizes go from size 1- 4 which equals newborn to large. Refer to our Size Chart for more details.

  • Quantity - get more bang for your "bum"!  Size 1 = 34 count, size 2 = 32 count, size 3 = 30 count and size 4 = 28 count.
UPC: 850059401095
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