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beat cabin fever with cold-weather baby gear

beat cabin fever with cold-weather baby gear


Go on, get outside! With these picks, you can keep baby safe and toasty even when it's cold out.


While it may be tempting to just give the worst of winter a hard pass and wait for signs of spring, getting out and about is a must-do for your sanity and your schedule. Learn the perfect formula for gear and warmth, and you can get outside with the confidence of a winter warrior. And chin up—spring will come (even if it’s not soon enough).

break out the big wheeler

That featherweight stroller that’s perfect for travel or hopping on and off the bus may not be the safest option when it’s snowy or icy outside. Instead, consider investing in a full-size stroller with bigger, sturdier wheels—jogging strollers actually handle great in the snow—so you don’t have to let a layer of slush stand between you and your daily walk with baby.

swap that blanket for bunting

Put away your delicately knit blanket from Grandma and zip on those feather-filled, Sherpa-lined buntings that can turn a stroller seat into a mini-sauna (without the sweat). They’re especially key at keeping your baby’s legs warm, since it can be harder to layer up below the waist.

cover up safely in the car

To ensure that your child is strapped into the car seat properly, you’ll want to remove their winter coat or snowsuits before buckling them in. Why? Because in the event of a car crash, fluffy padding can flatten out from the force, which leaves extra space under the harness. The child could then slip through the harness and be ejected from the seat. When possible, warm up the car ahead of time so it doesn’t feel like an igloo to baby (or you).


“Place a blanket or winter coat over the car seat straps in the car, not under. You want your child always well secured in the car seat.”

Share your body warmth

Whether you’re running errands or walking around the block, a cozy carrier can keep you snuggled up together so you both stay warmer on the go. Choose a style with extra coverage, then face your baby in to keep biting winds from turning cheeks rosy–and don’t forget to scooch down pants once you’ve strapped your baby in. Those teeny ankles have a tendency to find their way into the elements.

layer before you leave

You’ll want to be able to handle the cold outside and the heat when you return indoors, which means being able to quickly add or subtract. Starting with a simple, short-sleeved onesie, work with light, close-fitting layers that trap body heat but are easy to remove (psst… zippers are your BFF). If your child is in the take-my-shoes-off-everywhere stage, choose a lace-up style before you venture into the cold.

“Babies lose heat through their heads too. Don’t forget to put a warm fleece hat on your little ones to keep them warm.”


now, bundle up, you!

Don’t forget that the person pushing the stroller needs to stay warm, too. After all, a shivering parent is not usually a happy parent. Little stroller accessories can save the day, big-time. Try a muff for your hands or a cup holder for your hot coffee (or whatever warms you up!) so you’ve got the steam to keep going.


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