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Boon NURSH Silicone Pouch Baby Bottles - 4 fl oz/3pk

Brand: Boon
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Product Description

Babies have enough to worry about. They’ve got a big world to explore figure out and take over after all. That’s why we designed a bottle that takes the air out of feeding. Our reusable silicone pouches collapse as your little one drinks cutting down on the ingestion of air and decreasing the likelihood of painful gas reflux colic and burps. Because details matter the NURSH nipple is just the right length for optimal tongue positioning and features a gradual transition from nipple to wide-neck base for perfect latching every time. Chances are your little one won’t even notice the difference. Last but not least our bottles are great for milk formula juice water and any liquid your baby likes to drink. NURSH just real simple air-free feeding for happy babies and happy tummies.


  • Air-Free Feeding: Boon's Nursh baby bottles features a silicone pouch which collapses as baby drinks without complicated straws, valves, or vents
  • Safety of Silicone: Each of these newborn bottles feature 100% silicone pouches to keep your milk ready for baby's mealtime when they get hungry
  • That Natural Feeling: Want it to feel real? Then it needs to mimic nature; The slow flow nipples are easy for baby to latch on to and encourage proper tongue positioning. 
  • Dishwasher Safe: These efficient newborn baby bottles include reusable pouches and minimal pieces, so cleaning up (and getting ready for the next round) is a snap
  • Baby Bottle-Feeding Supplies: With so many Nursh accessories to choose from, it’s easy to find what you need; Check out Nursh storage lids, buns, pouches, nipples, and more! (sold separately)

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