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Boon TROVE Silicone Manual Breast Pump - Hands Free Breast Pump

Brand: Boon
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Product Description

DON'T WASTE A DROP. Your baby loves the milk and you love providing it, but you can’t be pumping 24/7. Boon’s TROVE passive breast pump helps you collect the extra that would otherwise be lost to disposable nursing pads. TROVE sits smoothly and securely under your bra and provides firm suction that discreetly collects milk. The passive suction is completely hands-free, so you can let the TROVE do the work. When ready, TROVE stands steady on the tabletop and pours easily directly into a baby bottle or a breastmilk storage bag. TROVE does the work, you just collect the treasure. Add the TROVE silicone breast pump to your list of newborn essentials and baby must haves!


  • Hands Free Pumping: Easily collect up to 3 ounces of milk with this manual breast pump that uses passive suction to naturally extract milk
  • Anytime Use: The TROVE wearable breast pump collects letdown while breastfeeding, pumping, or any time you’re feeling full; includes travel pouch so it's easy to take on the go
  • Discreet Design: The TROVE is a wearable breast pump that fits smoothly and comfortably under your bra and quietly collects milk; no worry that it’ll fall or get knocked off
  • Easy Pour: TROVE stands on your tabletop and pours into a breast milk storage bag or baby bottle with ease to prevent spills
  • Safety of Silicone: This 100% food grade silicone breast pump is top rack dishwasher safe, made without BPA and great for both you and your baby’s milk


  • Made without BPA or PVC
  • Storage Bag Included
  • Holds 3 oz of Milk100% Silicone Passive suction that discreetly collects milk and stays put.
  • Includes:2 Pumps, 3 oz (88 ml)1 Storage Bag.


UPC: 669028115310
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